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Anirvan Deva's multicultural sound crosses borders between world fusion, downtempo, hypnotic/melodic deep house. But don’t be surprised if it takes a side trip into broken beat, global bass or ancient mantras. His music goes beyond the boundaries of any specific tempo or genre, and yet his sound is always recognizable: delicate, deep and emotional. What and how he plays is designed to shake the body, move the heart and stimulate the mind.

Anirvan is born in Italy in 1970 and starts mixing tapes and vinyls at new wave-punk parties (84-88). In 1990 he is struck by the new Acid House/Techno rave scene and starts playing in local clubs (90-93). From the mid '90s he explores other beats and textures like ambient, chill out, trip-hop. His sound is in continuous evolution. In 1997/8 he falls in love with Drum and Bass and starts DJing and creating beats with a Roland MC 505. He plays also a few years in two bands: electronics with Mickey and Mallory and HC/metal with El KDO.

In 2004 he stops DJing and in 2005 starts practicing Yoga and a healthier lifestyle. He devotes himself to social service, contemplation, philosophy of yoga and kiirtan. For 5 years, every Sunday afternoon, he plays/sings Harinam Sankiirtan, around the city of Bologna, with some Hare Krsna mates and at the Ananda Marga Yoga retreats with different Rawa members. 

Anirvan moves to Auckland in 2011 and goes back to DJing, raising the vibration at many festivals and events (Prana, Earth-Beat, Voices of the Sacred Earth, NZ International Yoga Festival, Vegan Eats/Hip-Hop Beats, Dancing in the Park,  NZ Spirit Festival,  Ananda Bliss Portugal,Bhakti Festival Italia) as DJ and as part of the kiirtan groups Rawa Aotearoa and Qawwali Collective.

Anirvan Deva produces his own tracks and remixes others. The concept behind his work is to share relevant and uplifting messages for a genuine revolution of the heart.  He has been practicing mantra meditation and a vegan lifestyle for more than a decade and he is inspired by those people who are moved by a feeling of universal love and do their best to make this planet a better place. Tune in Radio Base fm, every Wednesday from 2 to 4pm, for listening to Anirvan Deva's show "Beneath The Surface".

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Edgy Reefs, a native of Vienna(Austria), is a Musician, Producer, Dj and one of the founders of the house music collective Kommune Zwei.

Kommune Zwei regularly plays at Austrian venues, private events and already had the pleasure to perform at prestigious Clubs and Festivals in Austria, Czech Rep., Portugal, Netherlands, Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia & New Zealand.

They already supported acts like:

Miguel Bastida, Sam Paganini, Dj Jonesy, Nicole Moudaber, Robert Babicz, Butch, Adam Port, Claptone, Andhim, Dusty Kid, Klangkarussel, Joyce Muniz, Ken Hayakawa, Emil Berliner, Florian Blauensteiner, Sutter Cane, Peter Kruder, Extrawelt, Bonobo, Dubfire, Sven Väth, Purple Disco Machine, Marcantonio, Bunte Bummler, Raumakustik, Kruse & Nuernberg, Monkey Safari, James Ruskin, Aka aka, Avrosse and many more..

Their first EP ,,At Variance'' has been released on the ,,Traumschallplatten'' sub-label MBF ltd. (Cologne) and they celebrated an exclusive single release on the vienna-based quality label Schönbrunner Perlen.

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Andres Eichenbaum musical journey began post 90s, a teenage son of Argentina, immersed in the Trip Hop, Dub, Progressive Jazz and Rock scenes of Buenos Aires, the city that never sleeps.

His passion for electronic music was piqued in Buenos Aires and became stronger during his travels throughout Europe, South America and the Middle East. Under the wing of eminent South American DJs, Andres cut his teeth in venues throughout Buenos Aires before venturing onto Asia & Oceania.

Based on Waiheke Island, Aotearoa since 2014, Andres was renown for performing at underground events. From 2017 onwards, Andres started playing along NZ biggest names of local House and Techno and immersed in Auckland nightclubs as AURA, Studio The Venue, etc, playing in support acts of big International artists such as Booka Shade and many others.

In the same year, he also started along Insomniak Records, his own Label and Events Production Company, a collective label of DJs and Producers of Techno and Progressive Techno. He is currently working on his own tracks which will be released soon.

Andres’ unique mixing of creates a spacious evocative mood, creating an atmospheric build up to then follow up with some groovy and euphoric mix of Progressive and Techno.

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Born in 1991, Federico Prieto is a young Argentinian artist producing a wide range of music from hypnotic progressive to techno, the groove of his sets will get your feet moving! In his hometown, Zarate, he is well known as Resident DJ in OWL Nightclub. Internationally, he played in both Sydney and Auckland in 2017. Currently based in Buenos Aires, Federico has been working at many venues throughout the beautiful city and has also launched a new monthly podcast.

His sets have been heavily influenced by Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Guy Mantzur, John Digweed, and Sasha. Federico Prieto is a rising star in the industry with a number of his productions soon to hit the scene. Watch this space.

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Felipe has had a deep connection with music since his early years, first with the hip hop scene and then finding his way into electronic music. 

Within his sets you will find deep house and minimal sounds that make you travel to a paradisiacal place of rhythms and complex soundscapes.

Felipe's sets have been enjoyed in countries like Chile, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal and New Zealand.

As a producer, his tracks are a mixture between minimal and deep tech with tripping dub sounds.

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Gabo Aguayo


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Gabo Aguayo, fond of music from an early age, finds his main influences in the sounds of rock and psychedelia. His connection with electronic music was born in the encounter with the Rave's experience, dedicating himself during several years (since 2012), as a producer, to generate spaces for the development of this culture, giving showcase to numerous regional, national and international talents ( Creator and Producer of the Festival Ser Uno)
For two years, and after developing a deep connection with sound, he decided to turn to mixes. He conceives music as something inseparable from dance, as an experience of connection, a portal, a journey. That is why in their different sets (Deep house, Progressive Techno & Psytrance), there are common elements that define their musical frequency.
His sets are loaded with minimalist and progressive sounds, with an atmosphere always loaded with psychedelia, oriented to the trip and of course, to the party!
The party as a connection portal, music and dance, as an active meditation.
He currently resides in the city of Concepcion, Chile, where he has already played in his most important clubs

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Gaston Feity DJ, Producer, Musician and Artist was born in March 1983, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Before Electronic music hit Buenos Aires, a young Gaston Feity would tune in and listen behind closed doors, to a distant and captivating sound across the airwaves - that sound being the UK sound of Progressive House music, a genre that was becoming ever more popular in the 90’s.

Feeling drawn to the beats and euphoric music of the House movement, Gaston began studying the genre in depth - even importing vinyls from abroad to feed his hunger. It was then that he decided to bring House and Progressive House music to the ears of the people in B.A.

Playing at private parties for friends, word soon began to spread about the DJ Gaston Feity and the sound he was bringing from the underground. Spurred on by the public response he teamed up with M. Rosso and C. Viscomi and together they created the explosive team the ‘South America Project’ aka ‘Southa’.

Scoring gigs around B.A, Mar del Plata and Bariloche, ‘Southa’ even shared booths with those they respected in the game like Luke Flair, Ricky Ryan, DJ The Gee, Vidart, Marcos Paz and many more, Gaston Feity and ‘Southa’ were taking Argentina by storm!

As Gaston’s popularity grew, venues throughout Latin America began contacting him to play as their resident DJ. Landing spots at the Punta Del Este and Mar del plata surf competitions and festivals . Even a contract with Quicksilver and Skullcandy Headphones, Gaston was in demand.

By 2008, he was producing his first Radio Show, ‘Rude Box’ (FM 95.5). With music created by Gaston and teammate C. Viscomi, together they transmitted their creations across the airwaves of Argentina along with new sounds by their peers - Gaston had finally brought the Progressive House movement from the underground to the mainstream.

Continuously researching and experimenting to keep the music Fresh & Alive, whilst always staying faithful to the original style of House & Progressive House,

Gaston Feity is a man on a mission!

His residences include:

· Arena Club (Punta del Este) 2003/05

· Nubar (B.A) 2006/07

· Roots (B.A) 2008/09

· Moll (MDQ) 2010/11

· Mr. Jones (MDQ) 2011/13

· Skullcandy and Quiksilver official DJ 2013/2016 

· Crobar (MDQ) 2015

· Ogham (MDQ) 2016/2017

· Piazza Fashion shows 2015


Feature Presentations include:

· DC Lounge (Ibiza)

· Ultraviolet After Hrs (Amsterdam)

· Party at Postomerplatz (Berlin)

· Alsina, Caix, Fiction, Pacha, Crobar, Sunset, Bahrain, Cocoliche, Kika, Rumi, Map Room, Clubzone, Shamrock, Fusion, Soho, Sand, Voodoo, Kandi, Roots, Butterfly, 1745, Ku Pinamar (Argentina)

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Herman Saiz  has always been in love with Music ♥

He began playing low-key in the underground house scene in Chile almost 2 decades ago.

Inspired young by his Grandfathers profound passion for collecting music, Herman started out mixing cassettes and old records. His first passion was hip hop and GFunk. Always interested in collecting new tracks, styles and artists, it wasn’t long before he was introduced to electronic music and the electronic scene.

For Herman Saiz, the DJ booth is his Spaceship and The Decks are his controls, bringing everyone on his journey and love for the music. Blending his latin roots with provocative electronic house/techno and deep groovy tech sounds to create a seductive atmosphere strictly for making people get up and into the rhythm of his undeniably infectious flavour of music.

Producing music, at a deeper level, has come to the forefront for Herman over the last 2 years. His musical creations are cosmic compositions of trip space and celestial sounds. His tracks aim at bringing a higher consciousness and vibration to the dance floor, through ancient and alien messages, inter galactic sounds and subtle spiritual healing.

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“I was 7 years old” Mateo explained when he started to play and experiment with music along his father (Sound Engineer). Mateo was born in Miami. When he was 9 months old he moved to Argentina where he lived with his parents in different cities around the country. Mateo grew up between instruments and machines. During his teenage days, Mateo started to play music in underground parties. At the age of 16, he moved to his next city (Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires)… “The music was my only friend” remembers while laughing. Since 2010, Mateo started to listen and learn about electronic music. After a couple of years Mateo started to play House in clubs and bars from his town. In 2016 when he finished High School, Mateo proposed himself to start travellling. He moved to New Zealand, where he is residing at the moment and has been for the last 2 years. He toured around NZ and Australia.

Mateo Calle is well known for playing a variety of House music, Deep House, Disco/Funk and Minimal sounds.

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NILA is a Scottish DJ and producer currently living in Auckland. His passion for dance music started way back in 1992, in his hometown of Edinburgh and after hearing the likes of Dave Angel, Sasha, Carl Cox and Jeff Mills, his obsession rapidly morphed into a way of life.

At the tender age of 16, he began buying records and following labels such as Harthouse, Djax and R&S Records, then after several years honing his craft DJing at numerous house parties, Nila secured his first club spot as the main act. He then went on to play at all the best clubs around Scotland to critical acclaim with a career highlight being invited to create several guest mixes for ‘Beat 106’, Scotland’s premiere dance radio station of the time.

After an extended hiatus from playing, Nila could stand it no more and returned to his musical roots, demonstrating what he’s famous for his superb technical ability and for delivering his own unique style of sexy, progressive and tech-tinged house.

Since 2014, Nila has been invited to guest on many radio stations including:

Frisky Radio, Circle – Ibiza Radio 1, Groundworx Session FM (UK), George FM, DNA Radio FM, Innervisions Radio and Late Night Grooves Radio.

Nila has also been releasing his own music on a number of labels such as: Pro-B Tech Records, ICONYC, Keep Thinking, Hydrogen, Plethora Muzik, Suffused Music, Soundteller Records (to name just a few)!

Since the start of 2018, Nila has been booked at a number of successful events based in Auckland including Aum NYE ‘17, Soronous (where he opened the stage for Guy Manzar, Dave Seaman, James Zabiela and Hernan Cattaneo) and Shipwrecked. Nila has also been booked to support Nick Warren in Oct 18.

Having recently been signed to renowned agency Probtech Global DJ & Artist Management, Nila is just now hitting his stride, so watch this space, because you’ll certainly be hearing a lot more from him in the very near future!

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Onderbroek is one of the most intense Deep & Melodic Techno artist in New Zealand and co-founder of the label Insomniak Records.

He started in the early 2000s in the boom of electronic music in Buenos Aires.
After spending a few years as a passionate raver and Electronic Music enthusiast, Onderbroek finally took the stage, presenting his love for the underground music.
Mixing in small clubs, and private parties he lounge himself into the industry in South America.

Onderbroek has been quickly establishing himself as one of the hottest new names on the New Zealand  scene, playing High-tech minimal, Techno and Deep Techno. 
In a short amount of time he has delivered some key performances and collaborations, more projects and a busy gig schedule are planned for 2018.

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Hailing from Chile, vintage '83,  Selknam arrived on New Zealand's shores over a decade ago. Waiheke Island became his home away from home. Playing an eclectic mix of Micro house, Minimal Deep Tech, Techno and Tribal.

Selknam enjoys experimenting across electronic musics multiple sub genres, and creating a mystical minimal atmosphere of Minimal and deep tech sounds, influenced by djs and producers from Eastern Europe and South America.

His on going projects as a Co-Founder of Insomniak Records are, hosting His own Micro House and Minimal Deep Tech Event (Under Grooves), hosting a weekly live show at Waiheke Radio,  recruiting new talent, and producing tracks soon to be released.

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