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Anirvan Deva's multicultural sound crosses borders between world fusion, downtempo, hypnotic/melodic deep house. But don’t be surprised if it takes a side trip into broken beat, global bass or ancient mantras. His music goes beyond the boundaries of any specific tempo or genre, and yet his sound is always recognizable: delicate, deep and emotional. What and how he plays is designed to shake the body, move the heart and stimulate the mind.

Anirvan is born in Italy in 1970 and starts mixing tapes and vinyls at new wave-punk parties (84-88). In 1990 he is struck by the new Acid House/Techno rave scene and starts playing in local clubs (90-93). From the mid '90s he explores other beats and textures like ambient, chill out, trip-hop. His sound is in continuous evolution. In 1997/8 he falls in love with Drum and Bass and starts DJing and creating beats with a Roland MC 505. He plays also a few years in two bands: electronics with Mickey and Mallory and HC/metal with El KDO.

In 2004 he stops DJing and in 2005 starts practicing Yoga and a healthier lifestyle. He devotes himself to social service, contemplation, philosophy of yoga and kiirtan. For 5 years, every Sunday afternoon, he plays/sings Harinam Sankiirtan, around the city of Bologna, with some Hare Krsna mates and at the Ananda Marga Yoga retreats with different Rawa members. 

Anirvan moves to Auckland in 2011 and goes back to DJing, raising the vibration at many festivals and events (Prana, Earth-Beat, Voices of the Sacred Earth, NZ International Yoga Festival, Vegan Eats/Hip-Hop Beats, Dancing in the Park,  NZ Spirit Festival,  Ananda Bliss Portugal,Bhakti Festival Italia) as DJ and as part of the kiirtan groups Rawa Aotearoa and Qawwali Collective.

Anirvan Deva produces his own tracks and remixes others. The concept behind his work is to share relevant and uplifting messages for a genuine revolution of the heart.  He has been practicing mantra meditation and a vegan lifestyle for more than a decade and he is inspired by those people who are moved by a feeling of universal love and do their best to make this planet a better place. Tune in Radio Base fm, every Wednesday from 2 to 4pm, for listening to Anirvan Deva's show "Beneath The Surface".

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