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Gaston Feity DJ, Producer, Musician and Artist was born in March 1983, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Before Electronic music hit Buenos Aires, a young Gaston Feity would tune in and listen behind closed doors, to a distant and captivating sound across the airwaves - that sound being the UK sound of Progressive House music, a genre that was becoming ever more popular in the 90’s.

Feeling drawn to the beats and euphoric music of the House movement, Gaston began studying the genre in depth - even importing vinyls from abroad to feed his hunger. It was then that he decided to bring House and Progressive House music to the ears of the people in B.A.

Playing at private parties for friends, word soon began to spread about the DJ Gaston Feity and the sound he was bringing from the underground. Spurred on by the public response he teamed up with M. Rosso and C. Viscomi and together they created the explosive team the ‘South America Project’ aka ‘Southa’.

Scoring gigs around B.A, Mar del Plata and Bariloche, ‘Southa’ even shared booths with those they respected in the game like Luke Flair, Ricky Ryan, DJ The Gee, Vidart, Marcos Paz and many more, Gaston Feity and ‘Southa’ were taking Argentina by storm!

As Gaston’s popularity grew, venues throughout Latin America began contacting him to play as their resident DJ. Landing spots at the Punta Del Este and Mar del plata surf competitions and festivals . Even a contract with Quicksilver and Skullcandy Headphones, Gaston was in demand.

By 2008, he was producing his first Radio Show, ‘Rude Box’ (FM 95.5). With music created by Gaston and teammate C. Viscomi, together they transmitted their creations across the airwaves of Argentina along with new sounds by their peers - Gaston had finally brought the Progressive House movement from the underground to the mainstream.

Continuously researching and experimenting to keep the music Fresh & Alive, whilst always staying faithful to the original style of House & Progressive House,

Gaston Feity is a man on a mission!

His residences include:

· Arena Club (Punta del Este) 2003/05

· Nubar (B.A) 2006/07

· Roots (B.A) 2008/09

· Moll (MDQ) 2010/11

· Mr. Jones (MDQ) 2011/13

· Skullcandy and Quiksilver official DJ 2013/2016 

· Crobar (MDQ) 2015

· Ogham (MDQ) 2016/2017

· Piazza Fashion shows 2015


Feature Presentations include:

· DC Lounge (Ibiza)

· Ultraviolet After Hrs (Amsterdam)

· Party at Postomerplatz (Berlin)

· Alsina, Caix, Fiction, Pacha, Crobar, Sunset, Bahrain, Cocoliche, Kika, Rumi, Map Room, Clubzone, Shamrock, Fusion, Soho, Sand, Voodoo, Kandi, Roots, Butterfly, 1745, Ku Pinamar (Argentina)

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