Switch Off

The electronic music scene is growing in Bay of Plenty and ‘Switch Off’ is coming to the Mount.

For this special edition of ‘Switch Off’ we want to present:

₪ Mateo Calle – [ Switch Off / Insomniak Records ] 
Founder of Switch Off, passionate about electronic music and music in general will be the one who will close the night in this special edition. House music & techno it's his specialty. His presentations are characterized by the ability of variations of styles. He likes to play from jazz, melodic house, minimalist sounds, progressive house to dark techno and make everybody dance. Mateo was born in Miami but grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His father is an engineer in sound so he learned a lot from him and was always surrounded by sounds and devices.


₪ Todd Doyle – Todd is part of the ‘Switch Off’ family, is one of the best young local DJ's, who has been playing for several years in the best places around. He is one of the most important people of the scene (DJ resident at Astrolabe, Mount Brewing, etc). He also keep playing his music around NZ sharing big stages and big artists (like Sticky Fingers, etc). His presentations stand out for his style, the great energy, the variations of musical sub genres and for the good entertainment.

₪ Groove Theory – Another member of the ‘Switch Off’ family, one of the very few house music DJ's in the area and definitely one to watch out for.. He will be sticking to his roots with a selection of the hottest underground house grooves.

We are all looking forward to a unique night and a new beginning in the electronic music scene.

Switch Off ®



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